The Brandenburg Vision

Our Vision: To bring a little bit more harmony to the world 

What do we do?
We bring choral music of all shapes and sizes to as many people as possible. 

Why do we do that?
We think the world needs more harmony and music brings us together. 

How do we do that?
By finding as many ways as possible to allow people to experience, hear, get involved in and enjoy beautiful choral music. 

What do we focus on? 
Organising the UK’s largest Choral Festival. 
Finding ways of people enjoying what we do whilst they travel. 
Partnering schools to give more young people more opportunity to get involved.

How do we do it?
We work with corporate organisations to amplify their own choral experiences. 
We use choirs and choral music to help teams hit the right note through immersive executive training. 
We raise money for charities through offering unique charity auction packages. 
We use music to bring communities together. 

How do we behave? 
We love creating connections between people and music, choirs and venues and our product to anyone that will listen! 
We are always curious to discover new ways of enjoying choral music and new ways of finding more people to enjoy it too. 
We want music to be fun and uplifting and we behave like that ourselves. 
We are always smiling and always wanting to see the opportunity in everything!